Lavender Hydrosol

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Lavender hydrosol is a hydrating and soothing fluid, with a long-lasting aroma. It has a sweet, calming and very floral aroma that has a sedating effect on mind and surroundings. Organic Lavender hydrosol/ filtered is obtained as a by-product during the extraction of Lavender Essential Oil. It is obtained by steam distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia, commonly known as Lavender in general. Its flowering buds are used to extract this hydrosol. Lavender is an old-world aroma and herb, used for many different purposes. It is used in Culinary to flavour foods, it is used as a natural sleep aid and it is also used as a treatment for gastro-intestinal issues.

Lavender Hydrosol has all the benefits, without the strong intensity, that Essential oils have. Lavender Hydrosol has a very sweet and calming smell that has a calming effect on mind and soul. It is used in diffusers, steaming oils, and fresheners because of this soothing aroma. It can help in treating Insomnia, Stress and Foul Mood. It can also be used in Spas, Massages, Therapies, to reduce internal inflammation and for pain relief. Along with its enchanting aroma, it also has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic qualities. That makes it a perfect and natural treatment for the treatments for Acne, Skin Infections like; Psoriasis, Ringworm, Eczema and it also treats dry and irritated skin. It is used in making cosmetic products and skin care products for the above-mentioned concerns. Lavender hydrosol also has astringent and wound healing properties, which promotes faster healing of wounds and also prevents pre-mature ageing. It is also added to hair care products to remove dandruff and strengthen hair from the roots.

Lavender Hydrosol is commonly used in mist forms, you can add it to treat acne, reduce dandruff, hydrate skin, prevent infections, treat insomnia and stress, and others. It can be used as Facial toner, Room Freshener, Body Spray, Hair spray, Linen spray, Makeup setting spray etc. Lavender hydrosol can also be used in the making of Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, SoapsBody wash etc

Moksha’s Hydrosol are 5 times more concentrated than the normal hydrosols available in the marker. They are safe to use in 5:1 ratio, that means you can add 5 litres of distilled water, to 1 Litre of Moksha’s Lavender Hydrosol, to achieve the normal form. Due to high concentration of our hydrosols have low pH, therefore they do not need preservatives unless diluted further. Once diluted, add natural preservative like Geogard ECT at 1% concentration to maintain shelf life of 1-2 years.

Anti-acne: Lavender hydrosol is rich in anti-bacterial compounds, which makes it a perfect solution for reducing acne. It can fight off the acne causing bacteria, and treats acne and pimples. Its soothing nature will also reduce redness and itchiness caused by acne and pimples. It heals the acne and also form a protective layer to prevent future outbursts.

Anti-Ageing: Lavender hydrosol can reach deep inside the skin and tighten skin tissues. Its Astringent properties helps in this process, where skin tissues and cells are contracted to prevent Skin Sagging. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and Wrinkles.

Anti-oxidative: It is rich in Anti-oxidants which can fight and bind with free radicals. These are mischievous little compounds roaming inside the body that cause dulling of skin, blemishes, marks, premature ageing, etc. Lavender hydrosol reduces such activities and gives skin a youthful uplifted look. It eliminates dullness and dark pigmentation from the skin and provides a flawless look.

Glowing look: Lavender hydrosol is a natural toner, with clarifying properties. It sooths down inflamed and irritated skin and promotes rejuvenation of skin tissues.  This helps in removing blemishes, marks and dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation. It will give you an even-toned look with healthy skin. It also promotes blood circulation, which makes skin plump red and glowing and gives you that peachy, youthful glow.

Reduced dandruff and Clean Scalp: The same anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of Lavender Hydrosol that treats acne, can also help you with treating dandruff and itching in the scalp.  It can fight with the microorganism inhibiting scalp health and eliminate dandruff from the roots. It also controls sebum production and excess oil in the scalp, and makes scalp cleaner and healthier. When used regularly, it prevents reoccurrence of dandruff. It also fights off scalp lice and prevents bacteria from damaging the scalp. 

Prevents Infections: Lavender Hydrosol is naturally filled with anti-bacterial and microbial agents, which can help skin fight infections and allergies. It forms a protective and soothing layer on skin that fights against infection causing microorganisms. It prevents body from infections, rashes, boils and allergies and sooths irritated skin as well. It is best suited to treat Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Psoriasis, Ringworm and Athlete foot infection. Lavender has already been recognised as a treatment for skin infection, since its discovery. 

Faster Healing: Lavender hydrosol can prevent infections from happening in open wounds and cuts and aid to faster healing. Its soothing nature also treats damaged and inflamed skin type and pave the way for healthier skin. Its astringent properties contracts skin and helps in sealing up the teared skin. It can be mixed into daily moisturizer and used for faster and better healing of open wounds and cuts. 

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Tension: This is the most famous benefit of lavender is its sweet and calming aroma. Lavender Hydrosol has the same intense aroma which can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension in individuals. It has a calming and sedative effect on nervous system, and results in a relaxed state of mind. It also gives you peace and serenity and provides with a fresh outlook.

Treats Insomnia: As mentioned, Lavender Hydrosol can reduce stress and anxiety levels which disrupt sleeping time and quality. Its sweet and floral aroma promotes relaxation and increases sleep quality and duration. It can be diffused at night time, or sprayed on the bed to have a peaceful sleep.

Reduces Cough and Flu: Lavender has already been used to treat cough and cold since a very long time. And Lavender hydrosol possesses the same aroma and anti-bacterial qualities, which helps in treating cough and cold. It can also provide relief from inflammation inside air passage and promote relaxed breathing. Its anti-septic nature prevents any infection in the respiratory system and it can also remove mucus and blockage inside the air passage.

Pain Relief: The anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender hydrosol make it a great pain relief agent as well. It can reduce sensitivity and pins and needle sensations on the applied area and release muscle knots as well. It can bring relief to pain and symptoms of Rheumatism, Back pain, and headache.

Pleasant Fragrance: It has a very sweet and unique fragrance which is known to lighten the environment and bring peace to tensive surrounding. Its pleasant smell can be used in many forms to relax body and mind. 

Insect repellent: Its unique smell has a calming effect on humans and at the same time, it repels insects and bugs. It also treats insect bites and reduces itchiness and dryness around it.

Skin Care Products: Lavender hydrosol is used in making skin care products espec,ially those made for acne treatment and glowing skin. It fights and combats with the acne causing bacteria and reduces pimples, blackheads and blemishes. That’s why it is added to skin care products like face mists, facial cleansers, face packs. It also gives skin a clear and glowing appearance by preventing skin infect. It is also used in making anti-scar creams and marks lightening gels. The astringent properties and richness of anti-oxidants present in this hydrosol makes it perfect to add in anti-ageing creams and treatments. You can also use it as a natural toner and facial spray by creating a mix. Add Lavender hydrosol to distilled water and use this mix in the morning to start fresh and at night to promote skin healing.

Hair care products: Lavender Hydrosol has multiple benefits for hair, that’s why it is added to hair oils and shampoos, and other hair care products. It cleanses scalp deeply and makes it healthier. It can be used to treat and prevent dandruff care itchy scalp. It is very famous in the cosmetic industry, and it also makes hair stronger. You can also use it as a hair tonic or hair spray by mixing lavender hydrosol with distilled water. Keep this mix in a spray bottle and use it after washing you head to keep scalp hydrated and soothing.

Infection Treatment: Lavender Hydrosol is jam packed with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities. This is why it is used in making antiseptic creams and gels to treat infections and allergies. It is best suited to treat Eczema, Psoriasis and dry skin infections, because of its soothing nature. It is also used in making wound healing creams, scar removing creams and first aid ointments, as Lavender hydrosol is of astringent nature and can fasten the healing process of skin. You can also use it in aromatic baths to keep skin hydrated, and preventing skin roughness.

Spas & therapies: Lavender Hydrosol is used in Spas and therapy centres for multiple reasons. Its calming aroma can create a comfortable vibe and promote relaxation. It fills surrounding with warm and pleasant flowery notes that promotes a good mood. Lavender hydrosol is of anti-inflammatory nature, that means it can sooth down itching, sensitivity and sensations on the applied area. Now, this said property comes in very useful while treating body pain and bodily discomfort. It can be used to treat back ache, joint pain, sore shoulders, back ache, etc. You can also use it in aromatic baths to gain these benefits. 

Diffusers: Common use of Lavender Hydrosol is adding to diffusers, to purify surroundings. Add Distilled water and Lavender hydrosol in appropriate ratio, and clean your home or car. The enchanting aroma of this hydrosol can lighten any surrounding efficiently. Lavender aroma is already famous around the globe for treating and mental pressure symptoms such as stress, tension, insomnia and irritation. It enters your senses and promotes relaxation in the nervous system. And Lavender Hydrosol can also be used to treat cough and congestion. You can use it during stressful nights to sleep better, as it will create a nice relaxing atmosphere and have a sedating effect on mind.

Pain relief ointments: Lavender Hydrosol is added to pain relief ointments, sprays and balms because of its anti-inflammatory nature. It sooths down inflammation in the body and provides relief to inflammatory pain like Rheumatism, Arthritis and general pain like body ache, muscle cramps, etc.

Cosmetic Products and Soap Making: Lavender Hydrosol is used in making cosmetic products like soaps, handwashes, bathing gels, etc. It is already a hit in such products because of the sweet and floral aroma and its anti-bacterial properties. That’s why it is added to skin care products like face mists, primers, creams, lotions, refresher, etc. It can be used in making products that aim to reduce acne and treat skin sensitivity. It will give your skin a natural glow and plumping look and it will also help in reducing the appearance of spots and marks on skin. It is also added to bathing products like shower gels, body washes, scrubs, to tighten skin tissues and promote skin health.

Disinfectant and Fresheners: Its anti-bacterial qualities can be used in making home disinfectant and cleaning solutions. It is also used to make room fresheners and house cleaners. You can use it in doing laundry or add it to floor cleaners, spray on curtains and use it anywhere to improve cleaning.

Insect repellent: The fresh aroma of Lavender Hydrosol can be added to insect repellents, as it has a special power to drive away mosquitoes and bugs.

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