Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and spots with Himalaya Anti Wrinkle Cream. It works by penetrating deeper within your skin and providing the needed nourishment to reduce the aging lines. Now reveal your youthful skin with herbal power infused in this cream.

Key Ingredients-

Shea Butter, Poppy Seed Oil , Extracts of tulsi, carrot, mulethi, tomato, cabbage, mango,
ashwagandha, emulsifiers and preservative.


It restores the elasticity of the skin, it gives clear and bright skin tone.

It contains vitamin C and beta carotene, two antioxidants that may protect your skin from damage. 

It prevents sun damage, brightens skin and fades scars.

It may stimulate collagen production, also helps remove dead skin cells.

Triple action formula that reduces aging signs, moisturizes the skin and makes it smoother.

A dermatologically tested formulation that also reduces skin roughness and age spots.

It penetrates deeper into your skin and gives you younger-looking skin.

Contains natural ingredients like Grape that is a rich source of AHAs which reduce the aging lines.

Includes Aloe Vera that is loaded with moisturizing and soothing properties and helps make skin soft and supple.

It is non-comedogenic and contains no parabens or mineral oils.


 You might think that the "taking years off your skin" is an exaggeration, but it's not! In fact, you'll look significantly younger than everyone else your age that isn't applying anti-aging cream. Better yet, it's a gradual change. You'll notice small improvements over the first several weeks/months of using it. Before you know it, your skin is glowing brighter than it has the past decade!

Reduction of Wrinkles:

One of the biggest struggles you're probably having with aging skin is those pesky wrinkles that seem to add more and more each day. Wrinkles are hard to get rid of without the aid of a product that's aimed at reducing them.

To see the best results on the wrinkles specifically, be sure to apply the anti-aging cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Of course, if your product states differently, then use it as it directs you to.

Wash your face each time, then apply the anti-aging cream after you dab off most of the water. This will help keep your skin hydrated and allow the cream do work it's magic while you work or sleep.

It's focused on strengthening the cells in your skin to prioritize structure and fighting off harmful items that damage your skin.

These products are jam-packed with ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea, shea butter, tea tree oil, etc. 

Increased Self-Confidence:

People will notice a new wave of confidence that you have for social interaction at your job, home, the store, church, the gym, and wherever else you have people to talk to.

A few unwanted wrinkles or noticeably dry skin can put you on edge and avoid conversation at the risk of people observing your skin defects. 

The important thing to remember is that everyone struggles with some aspect of their skin, but it's hard to think past your own faults at times. If that's the case, anti-aging cream can be a lifesaver for your social life.

It will help you relax a bit more while out in public and turn what you would currently consider a weakness into a strength!

Protects Against Flaking:

Perhaps nothing is more off-putting when looking into the mirror than seeing a patch or two of skin that is flaking off.

The flaking or peeling that you are experiencing is a direct result of the dry skin that you're undergoing. By adding anti-aging cream to your daily routine, you'll give that dry skin a moisturizer one or two times each day.

That can help combat the dryness and itchiness that you've been dealing with for so long.

By ridding your skin of dry, flaking areas, you'll already look years younger than before. 

The vitamin E that you'll find in most anti-aging creams is especially useful in providing more moisture to your skin to fight off the flaking.

If you feel that you need to double down on it for the first week or two, try applying coconut oil to your dry patches along with your new anti-aging cream.

Apply the cream every morning and night, as directed. Then, provide your skin a bit more relief throughout the day by applying coconut oil a time or two in between.

Promotes Health In Other Aspects of Your Life:

Better, healthier-looking skin is just the tip of the iceberg. By seeing the amazing results of anti-aging cream, you'll be on the look for the next project to improve your overall health.

By looking in the mirror and seeing a younger version of yourself, you'll be inspired to become healthier in all aspects of life.


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